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No.18 2020.2

Latest issue

The latest research for more delicious food

Advanced R&D laboratories Kazuyori Matsumoto

Our basic concept is that we scientifically investigate various factors such as food tastes, aromas, mouth feeling, colors or shelf life in order to provide the best products, technology and suggestions for processed food industries. At present, we’re tackling with many topics to make more delicious food. In this report, we especially introduce new technology to keep the original colors of food and to improve powder grinding.

Food texture and property design using peptides (Texture improvement)

Advanced R&D laboratories Saya Nishihara

We have investigated the molecular weight of peptides and have launched a new decomposed wheat protein that is mainly composed of peptides having short and long chains. Compared with conventional decomposed wheat protein for seasoning that are composed of peptide having short chains, our new products can create new textures, make full-bodied and deep tastes, and enhance spicy and hot feeling in mouth. In this report, we explain why peptides can improve food tastes. Besides, we suggest the application examples to manufacture low-salt food and describe the use of the products for many purposes.

Food texture and property design using peptides (Property improvement)

Advanced R&D laboratories Naomi Hirata

Decomposed wheat protein, which is mainly composed of peptides having short and long chains, can improve the texture and properties of food. Originally, peptides perform a function to enhance food properties by its surfactant effect. We have researched and have succeeded to enhance the effect in order to realize excellent foaming and emulsion properties. In this report, we introduce new functions by decomposed wheat protein that can’t be obtained by conventional protein or peptide materials. Besides, we suggest the application examples for beer or foaming beverage to generate better froth, for caramel to obtain smooth mouth feeling without oil stain, and for ice cream to keep frozen.

Modified wheat protein to improve food properties

Advanced R&D laboratories Akito Inayoshi

PROFECT series (Modified wheat protein using reducing sugar, oil, or polysaccharide) is a new food material to improve food texture and workability. Compared with conventional wheat protein, PROFECT series are used to achieve more excellent acid-resistance as well as high binding- and expanding properties. PROFECT series can improve crunchiness and prevent the adhesion of dough on manufacturing machine for biscuits. Besides, this series can help make chewy noodles and prevent noodle cut in manufacturing process. In this report, we explain basic characters of modified wheat protein, then introduce many improvement examples to manufacture confectionery and noodles using PROFECT series.

Gas causing reactions and applications about baking powder

Advanced R&D laboratories Yuko Ogasawara

Is baking powder merely used for confectionery to increase volume? No, baking powder is effective also in various food and dishes. If you choose the time to cause gas most effectively, baking powder can control oil absorption into batter, raise yield rates for deep-fried food and promote the reconstitution of dried noodles in hot water. In this report, we introduce our coating technology based on rich experiences and describes the features and the applications of our products.

Okuno’s challenge to control microbes

Advanced R&D laboratories Hitoshi Kawata

Bacteriostatic agents have significantly contributed the development of processed food. Generally, preservative agents have only a slight influence on food taste; however, bacteriostatic agents often spoil original flavors, thus many researchers for processed food have difficult time to develop new products. Okuno was quick to solve this problem, and launched new bacteriostatic agents by establishing new manufacturing technology: DELI-BLEND, DELI-TAKUMI and DELI-SEKKA. In this report, we introduce the changes about bacteriostatic agents in processed food industries and our latest developments.