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No.51 2019.9

Latest issue

Electroless Ni-P plating solution for power modules (TOP UBP PROCESS)

Advanced R&D laboratories Norihiko Hasegawa

Recently, high thermal resistance has been demanded for power devices. Electroless Ni-P plating films are widely used for power devices as UBM(Under Bump Metallurgy, Under Barrier Metal). In this field, the electroless Ni-P plating films that will not cause fractures or embrittlement are strongly demanded for jointing and long-time use at a high temperature. In this report, we would like to introduce TOP UBP NICORON MLP, especially developed for power module, to realize high crack resistance and excellent solder joint performance.

Present issues to realize 1/1μm Line/Space and our breakthrough

Advanced R&D laboratories Yuhei Kitahara

Electronics industries have undergone an astounding evolution. 2.1D packages, PLP (Panel Level Packaging) and other new packages have been studied and examined for further miniaturization and higher performance to realize 1/1μm Line/Space. Besides, we’re developing new technologies to plate into micro-via holes and on low-roughness substrate to satisfy these new requirements. This paper describes our latest developments how we can solve the issues with a new electroless copper plating solution and can realize 1/1μm Line/Space world.

Anti-rust coating from silica-based solution (Protector series)

Advanced R&D laboratories Taro Konuma

Aluminum is widely used for many purposes because it is light and can be processed easily. The metal is electrochemically classified into base metal, so aluminum oxide films are formed on it by anodizing to obtain a rust-preventing effect. However, many industries such as a car market has highlighted the rust preventing effect, so new technology beyond the conventional methods are eagerly expected. This paper describes the newest research about anti-rust coating from silica-based solution (Protector series).

Future plating technology by academic-industrial cooperation projects

Advanced R&D laboratories Toshimitsu Nagao

6th laboratory of Advanced R&D laboratories is established to innovate basic and advanced technology about surface treatments. Our team is always pursuing Needs and Seeds at the same time, and developing future technology to create epoch-making products. Even if we don’t have many experiences in certain fields, we’re positively entering into different fields by utilizing academic-industrial cooperation. This paper deal with three topics from our latest research regarding anti-rust, non-aqueous, eco-friendly technologies.

Electroless Ni-P plating solution for high fatigue-resistance (TOP NICORON NHP-GE)

Advanced R&D laboratories Yuka Iwamoto

Aluminum alloys are widely adopted for automotive parts for weight reduction. Especially, high corrosion resistance, superior hardness and high fatigue-resistance is strongly expected for the electroless Ni-P plating that are used in engine parts. The purpose of this paper is to report on a new electroless plating solution that can realize high corrosion- and fatigue-resistance. Besides, we report about an electroless Ni-P/PTFE composite plating solution -TOP NICOSITE LPFE-, which is excellent in hardness and sliding performance.

Next generation technology for plating on plastic not using chromium and palladium (TOP ZECROM PLUS PROCESS)

Advanced R&D laboratories Shingo Nagamine

Chromic acid is harmful to the environment and human, and palladium price is still high on the market. We have a problem that chromium and palladium must be used to plate on plastic. Besides, a short process is preferred for the plating in terms of productivity and line maintenance. This paper describes the next generation plating technology for plating on plastic not using chromium and palladium, which can reduce the number of steps significantly at the same time.