Message from President
and CEO

At the start of fiscal 2023

The new fiscal year begins today.

Last year marked a turbulent start because the situation in Eastern Europe shook the world. It has exposed the fragility of global supply chains and has triggered a historic inflation.
We have faced rapid changes in the balance of energy supply. Additionally, monetary tightening in Europe and US affected exchange rates, and it may temporarily slow down our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality that are expanding worldwide. However, the last year was a great opportunity for us to challenge decarbonization and to decrease the dependence on resource-rich countries. Clearly, we could have reconfirmed the necessity to accelerate the transition to a green economy.

In the Japanese economy, the seventh wave of COVID-19 occurred in last summer that has hampered the economic recovery. International conflicts in Eastern Europe have caused the ongoing surge in raw materials and transportation costs, and have burdened corporate profits.

Some analysts say that, even if price hikes, which has decreased GDP growth rate, and the downward trends in domestic demands caused by money tightening has continued, they say that we have a positive year in 2023 because the Chinese economy will improve by releasing Zero-COVID' Policy and US economy will recover.
On the other hand, there is a concern that economic measures such as the increase of wages to tackle with high inflation will burden on companies and trigger a further recession.
The frictions among powerful countries, the economic and monetary policies of each country, and unclear situations in the East Europe will continue to affect a world economy, so it is difficult to predict a world economy over the medium to long terms.

In the turbulent time, every company should adapt to new challenges and the advanced organization. To break down the established ideas and to go far beyond, we have set our sales target for this fiscal year.

"Aim for 40 billion Yen!! Achieve the goal by strengthening the ability for planning, proposal, and innovations."

In a changing world, every employee always has a strong challenging spirit, and strive to make new OKUNO that continues to grow in any situations.


April, 1, 2023
President and CEO Kazuyoshi OKUNO