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Our compliance policy Okuno complies with laws, regulations and our ethical guidelines. We decide Okuno's compliance policy to take social responsibilities for our society and the environment. Each of Okuno members promise to perform business activities under the compliance policy.
Okuno hopes to be a company that satisfy expectations from our customers, shareholders, employees, local communities by the compliance policy.

Okuno's business policy

  1. For the compliance policy
    Okuno complies with laws, regulations and our ethical guidelines as a member of our society.
  2. Customer satisfaction
    We always work for the satisfaction of our valuable customers. We make safety products and reliable services that are really loved by all customers.
  3. Respecting human rights
    We promise to respect human rights, never making any of discriminations.
  4. Fair trades
    We promise to conduct just and fair transactions to grow mutually.
  5. Management of company assets
    We promise to manage and use our tangible and intangible assets fairly.
  6. Respecting human rights
    We promise to ban any of discriminations and harassments in Okuno. We promise to maintain our workplaces safe and comfortable.
  7. Environment protection
    We promise to save natural resources and protect the environment.
  8. Protection of information
    We promise to manage and protect any of business information from customers (including personal information, confidential information) properly.
  9. Contribution to our society
    We understand the importance of social activities to contribute to our society. We promise to make positive actions for our society.
  10. Relationship with politics and antisocial groups
    We promise to maintain fair relationships with politics and goverments. We primise to have a strict attitude against antisocial groups.