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Message from President and CEO

To start 2021

Build successful team
and climb the TOP.

Fiscal year, 2021 starts from today.

The COVID-19 has spread so quickly since early 2020 and still running rampart all over the world. Last year, we were always buffeted by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as the movements of individuals and economic activities have been strictly restricted. Also, the outbreak inflicted serious damage to the global economy.

At present, the world market is likely to proceed toward complete recovery because many governments at all levels have reacted immediately to provide financial relief in order to escape from the COVID-19 recession. Especially, China has contained the COVID-19 in its early stage by its full supports to industries and has been the first to rebound from the pandemic. On the other side, the infection is continuing across the whole of Europe, and it could delay a full-fledged recovery in GDP and unemployment rates. Analysts say that the world economy will be brighter than last year led by China; however, no one can predict the future considering political risks such as trade disputes and conflicts around China.

The economic outlook must be more uncertain in 2021, thus Okuno must create innovative business models by team working around world. Considering these situations, I decided the motto for 2021 as follows:

Build successful team and climb the TOP.

This year, we promote to share high-quality information for teamwork, and committed to solve new problems and social issues for the contribution to the world.

April, 1, 2021
CEO & President  Kazuyoshi OKUNO

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