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Message from President and CEO

To start 2020

Be "Challenging"!
Create future chemical and future life from curiosity and inspiring spirits

Fiscal year, 2020 starts from today.

We experienced US-China trade dispute, China’s economic slowdown, and numerous natural disasters such as typhoons in 2019. They remind us anew that the world system becomes more unstable and uncertain.

In December 2019, the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was first detected in Wuhan, China. The pandemic is spreading over the world and it has exerted immeasurable influences especially in tourism, automotive and electronics industries.

In addition, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 must be rescheduled beyond 2020. In Japan, we will face with the possibility of ¥640 billion in economic losses by the Olympics delay. On the global stage, some analysts say that the total global GDP will decrease by ¥966 trillion in the worst scenario. In such cases, the Coronavirus crash will be worse than the 2008 Financial Crisis and unpredictable recession will be inevitable.

The global business will certainly have the most difficult year in 2020. Therefore, Okuno must survive the toughest year by changing our attitudes in order to achieve higher-level goals. Considering these situations, I decided the motto also for 2020 as follows:

Be "Challenging"! Create future chemical and future life from curiosity and inspiring spirits.

In the environment that we haven’t experienced, we should face up to a challenging world to establish strong business model. All of Okuno’s members sincerely practice this motto as a body to solve tasks given respectively for innovation.

April, 1, 2020
CEO & President  Kazuyoshi OKUNO

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