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1905 The founder Tokichi Okuno established Okuno Shoten and dealt in industrial chemicals.
1922 Seiroku Okuno took over the organization and changed Okunosei Shoten to become a wholesaler.
1926 Constructed a plant at Joto-ku, Osaka, and started manufacturing and sales of industrial chemicals.
1936 Incorporated Okunosei Shoten & Co., Ltd. from a private organization.
1940 Constructed Plant No.1.
1944 Incorporated and reorganized into Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. with the capital of JPY600,000
1947 Started selling colors for ceramic wares
1949 Started manufacturing and selling fatty buffing compounds
1951 Started manufacturing and selling glass colors started distributing.
Opened Nagoya Branch
1952 Increased capital to JPY1,500,000. Opened Tokyo Branch.
1958 Start manufacturing,, selling brighteners and related products for plating
1964 Increased capital to JPY30,000,000
1968 Developed emulsifiers for cake, and started manufacturing and selling
1972 Developed improves for noodles, started manufacturing and selling
1976 Developed low melting point glass, started manufacturing and selling
1978 Increased capital to JPY50,000,000
1979 Established joint venture company OKUNO ENGINEERING (H.K.) LTD. in Hong Kong
Increased capital to JPY70,000,000
1983 Moved head office to its present location
1984 Opened R&D center for Inorganic Materials Dept.
1986 Opened R&D center for Metal Finishing Dept.
1997 Increased owned capital at OKUNO ENGINEERING (H.K.) LTD. to 100%
1998 Opened R&D center for Foods Ingredients Dept.
1999 Opened new center for Inorganic Materials Dept.
Acquired ISO14001 certification for Hanaten Plant No.1, Plant No.2 and Plant No.3.
2001 Acquired ISO 14001 certification for all the facilities of Okuno
2003 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification for all the facilities of Okuno
2005 Published 100 years anniversary memorial book "Thoughts - Progress for 100 years" in commemoration of 100 th anniversary since the establishment of Okuno Shoten
2006 Opened Plant No.5 (for Food Ingredients)
2008 Established OKUNO-AUROMEX (VIETNAM) CO., LTD.
Established OKUNO KOREA CO., LTD. in Seoul
Established HANATEN administration building
Established Okuno International Corporation in Michigan, USA
2013 Established OKUNO ASIA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. in Bangkok.
2015 Established OKUNO (EU) OFFICE in Germany
2016 Established OKUNO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
Opened Advanced Technology Research Center
2018 Established OKUNO CBC R&D CENTER (INDIA)
2020 Changed OKUNO-AUROMEX (THAILAND)CO., LTD. to Auromex Co., Ltd. as agency
Changed OKUNO-AUROMEX (VIETNAM)CO., LTD. to Auromex Vietnam Co., Ltd. as agency
Opened Hanaten Physical Distribution Center

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