President and CEO
 Kazuyoshi Okuno 
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
 Naoki Okuno 

OKUNO has developed the environmental philosophy "Think ECO!"

In order to put our commitment to the environment into practice, OKUNO has set "Environment", "Creativity", and "Originality" as our three main priorities.

Environment Protection

  • As a chemical manufacturer, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activities.
  • We will use materials that reduce environmental impact, and we will install a solar power generation system in our new plant.
  • We have also introduced a cloud service that visualizes greenhouse gas emissions.


  • With our corporate policy of "Infinite Possibilities," we will solve social problems through high value-added products and services.
  • As a "Companies Driving Regional Growth" authorized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we create and implement ideas that contribute to regional development.


  • In the surface treatment and inorganic materials businesses, we will work to create new products and technologies that are friendly to the earth and people.
  • In the food business, we will promote research and development that contributes to improving people's health and reducing food waste.

The founder of OKUNO, Tokichi Okuno, established the predecessor of OKUNO in Doshomachi, Osaka in 1905 as a distributor of industrial chemicals.
From its origins as a distributor of industrial chemicals, OKUNO has expanded into the manufacture and sale of food products, inorganic materials, and chemicals for plating and surface treatment, creating a new business model in step with the times.
OKUNO will continue to create future chemical and future science that is kind to the earth and people, and to propose innovations that solve social problems.

Think ECO!− For eco-, human-friendly technology −

  • E = Environment
  • C = Creativity
  • O = Originality