Silica-based coating solution with anti-bacterial and anti-virus effect


Silica-based coating solution with anti-bacterial and anti-virus effect

In Japan, the antibacterial market started from antibacterial and deodorant treatments for fabric, and has expanded since the food poisoning incident in 1996. Furthermore, the demand for antibacterial products has grown rapidly again due to COVID-19.
In the field of metal and surface finishing, the technology is widely applied to handrails, knobs, handles, interior items, home appliances as well as the items for kitchen, bath and restrooms.

Product features, specifications

When TOP NOBAC Pro is applied onto metal or ceramic surfaces, and heated at about 100°C, a silica-based coating film with 5 to 20μm thickness can be obtained. Since the film is highly transparent, the metallic appearances of treated substrates can be maintained.
If the antibacterial activity value exceeds 2.0, it is considered a product has antibacterial and antivirus effect. We have investigated the antibacterial activity after the coating, and the values over 4.0 are observed by TOP NOBAC PRO series against Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli (JIS Z 2801 compliant) and Influenza A virus (ISO 21702 compliant).
Additionally, you can obtain your favorite colors such as red, blue by adding coloring pigments into the coating solutions.

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【TOP NOBAC series】Sealing agent for aluminum anodizing having strong effectiveness against bacteria and viruses

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