For metal finishing and surface finishing fields, we have a wide variety of products more than 2700.
We propose various chemicals for PWBs, semiconductor packages, aluminum surface finishing, anodizing, aluminum dyeing, plating on plastic, anti-corrosion, functional plating and anything else.
Globally, our products have been used to make smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, portable devices, music players and cars.
Now, we strives to develop new products to satisfy carbon neutral actions, and for semiconductor package in high-speed communication era.


For inorganic material fields, our history started from GLASS COLOR (OKUNO’s glass enamels for firing).
GLASS COLOR has been used worldwide for glass bottles, cups, and car window glass. On drinking bottles, we have secured 100% market share in Japan, also on car window glass, we have a big share in Japan.
Now, we strives to develop new glass frits and glass pastes to satisfy severe requirements in electronics component industry. Additionally, using our rich experiences and know-how about glass, we’re developing silica-based coating solutions to realize high moisture and insulation resistance for aluminum, magnesium, other metals and magnetic powder.


For food ingredient fields, we are developing many new products mainly focusing on baking powder, shelf life improvers and food quality improvers.
About baking powder, we succeeded to make aluminum-free products in the twenty-first century.
Our shelf life improvers have evolved with the spread of convenience stores, and now we are aiming to realize deliciousness and preservation effect at the same time.
Our food quality improvers continue the advancement to maintain original tastes and flavors of processed food because the market is strongly growing because modern life demands time saving food.
Additionally, we strive to research new food additives, shelf life improvers, quality improvers for food loss reduction in order to achieve sustainable development goals.