OKUNO's strength
in glass enamels

OKUNO's glass enamels (GLASS COLOR)

- OKUNO's strength in glass decoration -

More luxurious lifestyle with glass

Color can create new business for glass

Glass is a transparent and solid material with many useful properties, and widely used for buildings, trains, buses, fluorescent lights, home appliances, smart phones as an essential part in our lifestyle.
In The Shosoin Repository of the Todaiji temple in Nara, there is a blue glass goblet with a metal stem that was manufactured in Nara period (the eighth century). It is said that the precious treasure was brought from the ancient Persia.
From remote antiquity, glass has been highly valued because of the beauty appearance and an art of luxuriousness; consequently, glass has been freely designed and processed into various shapes, size and colors.

OKUNO is the one and only manufacturer in Japan that provides glass enamels for glass decoration (product name, GLASS COLOR).
Our products and services have been applied to wine glasses, drink bottles, glass tumblers, cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles and other various glass items.

Our glass enamels, GLASS COLOR, are special kinds of inks to print directly on glass, and melt by heat at high temperature (630 to 640℃) and fuse the enamels on glass.
The enameled glass are composed from inorganic materials and shows a great resistance under severe conditions.
The technology has spread not only into decorative purposes but also into functional purposes, such as car windshield, rear glass, microwave ovens, medical ampules, baby's feeding bottles.



OKUNO's strength in glass decoration

  • 01
    100% share in Japan
    (Drink bottle)
  • 02
    Many standard color variation
  • 03
    Tailor-made color by color specialist
  • 04
    High class ultra-micro powdering technology
  • 05
    Quickly transform tiny ideas into mass-production

Silicon dioxide, well known as silica, is widely discovered in nature, and contained in the earth's crust. Also, glass shows high corrosion resistance and can be easily reused, recycled without complicated steps.
OKUNO considers that we can contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through glass technology and we will help increase the appeals of glass products.

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Application examples

- Drink bottle, food container -

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GLASS COLOR is inorganic, shows high alkali-, scratch resistance
Best product for logos, marks, letters, scales

- Cosmetic bottle -

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Change inks from organic to inorganic glass enamel to increase coating strength, wear resistance, climate resistance
Can make matte design like Japanese paper (washi)

- Building materials, home appliance -

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We have many experiences for building exterior parts, building interior parts, partition glass, bath rooms, shower rooms, showcases, microwave ovens and refrigerators.
Our products are excellent in weather resistance and wear resistance to use for a long time.

From making prototypes to mass-production

  1. 01
    First meeting

    Consulting to know color and texture goals (Glossy, matte, feeling)

  2. 02
    Glass choice

    Decide about glass powder, pigments for coloring, vehicles (organic components to make glass pastes)

  3. 03
    Make prototypes

    Print directly on glass, melt and fuse the enamels on glass.

  4. 04
    First evaluation

    Color matching with the images, colors, textures in the first meeting

  5. 05
    Evaluation with actual product

    In-line test with actual products before mass-production

  6. 06

    Decide about delivery schedule quickly for mass-production