Product developments for the next generation

OKUNO’s glass materials have been globally used to decorate glass bottles and glass cups. Also, we have many experiences in car windows and train windows for functional purposes.
Recently, the fields of glass materials are growing in smartphones, computers and a lot of electronic devices. OKUNO’s glass materials play an essential part in the electronics components of such devices, for example, as the sintering aids for ceramic powder, metallic powder, or as hermetic seals for capacitors, sensors or resistors.
Glass is a unique material that has high moisture resistance, high electric non-conductance and other many functions. To expand the possibilities of glass, we’re continuously developing new products by the leading-edge technology about glass. Now, our researches are expanding to the glass-based coating solutions that can improve the corrosion resistance of metals as well as that can improve the moisture resistance of magnetic metal powder.
Also, we develop glass coating agents used for the production of rechargeable batteries.

Water cooling of melted glass

Cool melted glass

Screen printing in clean room

Clean room

History (Inorganic Materials)


Started manufacturing and sales of pastes for thin inorganic films


Started manufacturing and sales of titanium-oxide paste for thin inorganic coat (Nanosmark SK)


Started manufacturing and sales of silica-based coating solutions to realize high corrosion resistance and moisture resistance by small thickness using sol-gel method (Protector series)


Established Advanced Technology Research Center


Started manufacturing and sales of silica-based coating solutions to realize high corrosion resistance and moisture resistance films on metallic and magnetic powder using sol-gel method (Protector PW-S)


Line up of glass coatings for rechargeable batteries such as all solid-state batteries

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OKUNO’s strength in inorganic materials

In Japan, GLASS COLOR (OKUNO’s glass enamels for firing) has top market share for drink bottles and a large share for car window glass.
OKUNO’s glass materials have contributed to electronics technology, widely adopted in capacitors, sensors, resistors, solar cells, semiconductor electrodes, sintering aids of ceramic-, metallic-powder, hermetic seals and other functional purposes.
By meeting your production temperature, actual working temperature, demanded performance, the coefficient of thermal expansion and any of your requirements in product specifications, our glass products and services can solve your problems all the way from every angle. We suggest the best glass composition, glass pastes as well as glass-melting, milling, powdering, pasting services out of our rich and long glass experiences.

We have a lot of satisfactory results from trial production to mass-production; in addition, we can give advice about the combination with surface finishing in order to create new and added values for our customers' products. Please contact us from the inquiry form about everything of glass.

Decorated glass bottle using glass enamel

Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.

Integrated circuit board

Full support from product development, product design to mass production

Open laboratory spaces to evaluate with actual products

We're focusing on the development of new technology and more than 30% of OKUNO's employees are working in Advanced Technology Research Center. Advanced Technology Research Center located in Osaka, Japan, has open laboratory spaces to design make prototypes and evaluate trial samples with our customers. Also, we have the latest scientific instruments like pulsed radio frequency glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy and particle size analyzer.

Measure dispersion state by particle dispersion analyzer

Reliable support from glass design, glass pastes, glass melting and powdering services to mass-production

We have a wide variety of glass products to meet your production lines, actual working temperature, the coefficient of thermal expansion and any of your requirements. Also, we offer small-size production from 100 g about glass processing. OKUNO can present infinite possibilities for your tiny little ideas by providing tailor-made glass products for customers.

Pour glass into glas melting pot

Ultra-fine micro powder crushing technology

OKUNO’s products can be discovered in semiconductor electrodes, sintering aids of ceramic- and metallic powder, hermetic seals and other functional purposes. To provide high-class glass products, we have equipped with the latest milling-, sieving-, classifying-machine, particle size analyzer as well as various scientific instruments for powder.

Ceramic capacitor

Can provide glass frit, glass paste, glass slurry

Not only glass powder, but also glass pastes (the mixture of glass powder and organic binders) for screen printing, and slurry (the mixture of glass powder and water), we can supply glass products as you need. We offer glass frits, glass inks, glass pastes and melting-, milling-services to speed up your process for mass-production.

Solar panel for electric power generation

Improve metal corrosion resistance and moisture resistance by silica-based hard coating (Protector series)

We have developed new hard coating solutions for aluminum, magnesium and various metals to improve corrosion resistance. It enables to create highly hard coating films (over 9H) by low-temperature heat treatment. The products are recommended for cars, architectural materials and home appliances. We can make prototype samples by the combination with pre-treatment, plating and anodizing, so please contact us from the inquiry form.

Car inner door handle with hard coating

Trial production procedure

Please contact us about anything you need. We promise to provide the best solutions for your problems. We have Advanced Technology Research Center to make samples with Protector, Nanosmart SK and other products.

  1. 01

    Please contact us via e-mail from inquiry form.

  2. 02

    We need some negotiation before trial production. If special items or a large amount of items are treated, we may ask to pay actual expenses.

  3. 03
    Trial production

    Trial production is conducted according to our advanced discussions.

  4. 04
    Delivery date

    Necessary time for trial production will be announced by our sales staff.

  5. 05

    We will send it by mail or our sales staff.

  6. 06
    After customer evaluation

    If the trial product meets your requirements, mass-production will be started. If you ask us for factory information to outsource the mass-production, the information will come available via our salesperson.