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plating on plastic

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Wide-choice product range for ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, CFRP

We are surrounded by a lot of plated plastic parts because plastic are light-weight and can be easily molded into various shapes.
Plating on plastic is the method to form plated films on molded plastic such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PC/ABS (polycarbonate + ABS) resin.

Car manufactures are focusing on adopting lightweight materials because the materials are the key to improve fuel efficiency. Not only for car interior and car exterior parts, but also for motorcycles, bicycles, faucet fittings, bathroom interior designs and home appliances, our technology can be discovered everywhere in the world. If you are interested in plating on plastic, please contact to us to know about our professional team and high-quality chemicals that support lightweight technology and modern designs.


Advantages in plating on plastic

  • 01

    By metallization, achieve more elegance and higher quality than painting or coating

  • 02

    Can choose texture from shiny, satin, matte, flat, pearl finishing

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    Can choose colors from silver-white, dark black, blue black to gray black colors

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OKUNO is a pioneer in plating on plastic

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Create luxurious, sporty style by toughing five senses
As the plating on plastic, electro-nickel plating and chromium plating (using hexavalent chromium) have been widely used conventionally. To reduce the burden on the earth and human, OKUNO has succeeded to develop trivalent-chromium plating solutions that can also widen your choice in colors and textures. From silver-white, dark black, gray and blue black colors, and the textures from shiny, satin, matte, flat and pearl finishing, we'll bring you the new life for light-weighting and high-class designs by plastic metallization.

From making prototypes to mass-production help. If you are interested, please contact to us to know about our story for plating on plastic. (If needed, we'll introduce a plating company near you.)

Application examples

Rich experiences in car parts, faucet fittings, furniture, home appliances

Open laboratory spaces for trial with customer's actual products

We're focusing on the development of new technology and more than 30% of OKUNO's employees are working in Advanced Technology Research Center. Advanced Technology Research Center located in Osaka, Japan, has open laboratory spaces to design make prototypes and evaluate trial samples with our customers. Also, we have the latest scientific instruments for reliable support from making prototypes to mass-production.

TOTAL PROCESS : Decorative plating process for plastic