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OKUNO was the first company in Japan to domestically produce baking powder in 1922.
Since then, we have expanded our products in various food additives, shelf life improvers, preservatives,
food quality improvers as well as the sanitary items related to food industries.

As dietary habits evolve, there is a constant demand for processed foods that are both convenient and delicious.
We address this demand by developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of products.
Our product encompasses various food categories, including confectionery, noodles, and ready meals.
Notably, we hold a significant share in shelf life improvers and preservative markets domestically, contributing to the prolonged shelf life of processed food.

In our pursuit of superior taste, we also supply many products for processed meat and seafood, frozen foods and highly functional food ingredients.
Furthermore, we provide various methods to control microorganisms such as food spoilage bacteria to support our customers in their product developments.

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  • Laboratories in Aadvanced Technology Research Center

History (Food)


Started manufacturing and sales of cooking noodle loosening improver (PARALLEL KIWAMI)


Succeeded to develop new shelf life improvers by DELI SEKKA method (the manufacturing method to make shelf life improvers that can improve food tastes and flavors)
Started the new shelf life improvers as TOP KEEP DELI SEKKA series


The fifth factory acquired Food Additives GMP (Japan) certification from Japan Food Additives Association


Started manufacturing and sales of seasoned vinegar that can improve shelf life and flavors as TOP N FIT VP


Start of production and sales of TOP BISTRO FROZEN series as a quality enhancer for frozen food


Start of production and sales of TOP N FIT PLUS series, seasoning vinegars that improve shelf life and flavor through proprietary fermentation technology

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Food waste and food waste reduction

For wasted food reduction with shelf life improvers and food quality improvers

Do you think that shelf life improvers will change food flavors, appearances or smells?
Our products has the advantage of maintaining the original tastes and flavors, not decreasing the deliciousness of food.

Additionally, we have developed unique modifying technology on wheat protein as PROFECT series. OKUNO has a wide product range about food quality improvers by the combination of wheat protein with various food materials such as polysaccharides, fats, oil, reducing sugar.
Our quality improvers contribute to keeping food colors, reducing out-of-specification and irregular food product, and increase workability.

It is said that three factors, food-side (like food taste, aroma, texture), human-side (like hungry feeling, emotions, eating habits) and environmental-side factors (like weather, culture), will affect the deliciousness of food.

OKUNO verifies the influences of food compositions and structures on food textures, colors and shapes to increase the deliciousness. For further information to obtain innovative ideas and technical information, please contact us from web inquiry form.

Laboratories for prototype making

Researcher analyze food smell