Wide-color variation, dyes for aluminum anodizing


Wide-color variation, dyes for aluminum anodizing

By anodizing aluminum in sulfuric-acid based bathes, transparent oxidized films that has porous structures are formed on aluminum alloys. The films are excellent in corrosion and abrasion resistance and shows high hardness.
In dyeing steps, dyes permeate and adsorb into the porous structures and we can put a wide variety of colors on aluminum to decorate and design many products.
This technology are widely used for household items, camera parts, smartphones and portable devices.
OKUNO’s TAC DYESTUFF, a water soluble dyestuff, is developed to color the oxidized films of aluminum.

Product features, specifications

When aluminum is immersed into a dyeing solution containing TAC DYESTUFF, dyes permeate and adsorb into the pores and we can obtain a lot of colors. Also, we provide many sealing solutions, which are used after dyeing step to fix the dyes into the micro-pores, from nickel-acetate and to nickel-free sealers.
We have 31 standard colors of TAC DYESTUFF. Additionally, custom-made colors can be created by mixing the several standard colors. To advance mass-production smoothly, we can select the best color and treatment steps especially for you that you can stabilize color tones easily.
OKUNO is a top company as a chemical supplier about aluminum surface finishing.
We provide a total solution for aluminum from pre-treatment to post-treatment including aluminum surface designs and improvements.

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TOTAL PROCESS : Anodizing and dyeing process for aluminum surface and color designs